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Greensboro Combat Sports’ Mixed Martial Arts program is designed to help any student reach their MMA goals.




From the elite athlete and pro fighter to the recreational student who wants to get in shape and have fun, our program has it all!  Each class is designed to give students what they need to compete at the highest level or defend themselves in combat situations.  Students receive quality instruction in one on one and group training situations.  We strive to make sure that no member of the class feels left out or lost.  Our program is well rounded and provides fighters and students with all the skills needed no matter what situation arises inside the cage or on the street.  You will receive all the support needed to reach your goals from training, nutritional plans and strength and conditioning to weight cutting and corner support on fight day.  Our training academy has produced multiple MMA and grappling champions and the only professional MMA fighters in Greensboro.




Our MMA training program utilizes a blend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Sambo, Muay Thai, Boxing and specialized MMA tactics.  You will learn how to control and finish the fight wherever it goes!


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